carlo reyes. dancer and aspiring choreographer. always working on my craft in an attempt to make use of the passion God has blessed me with.
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i have this new project in the works. i can’t really say too much about it just yet, but i can say that i’m really excited for it. hoping and praying that it’ll be something refreshing and different for the edmonton dance scene. gonna be spending the next little while with a homie working out details and making sure everything is concrete before we start anything. just wanted to share :)

taught my first class today.

felt good. kinda fell a little short on time since i was new to the whole studio environment and how everything worked, but the class itself was dope! the group had real good energy and seemed interested in what i had to offer. so blessed to have gotten such an awesome group for my first class. next time i’ll allow for more time to explain the motivation behind the movement and what i want them to get out of the piece. all in all, Praise God for an awesome class!

if any of you wanna take class, hit me up. bring a friend or friends. hopefully you’ll let me share what i do with you. :)

teaching my first weekly class tonight! in all honesty, i’m nervous. my main concern is that i won’t be explaining the movement clearly enough. still, i’m excited to be sharing what i do with others! wish me luck!

i’m still working on it, trying to get everything concrete and exactly the way i want it. it’s something that really connects to what’s going on in my life right now. i don’t know what the response to it will be, but i think the idea behind it is something that everyone can relate to.

i’m excited to share it with everyone. it really means a lot to me.


for those people who don’t live in the LA area and really want to see what the studio looks like.

I know we’ve seen a bunch of parts of the studio from dance vids from Shaun Evaristo, Pat Cruz, Jekajane, Brian Puspos, Ellen Kim , and especially the Movement Lifestyle Selby contest promo vid, but we’ve never gotten to see the studio as a whole before.

a while back i made a list of reminders to help me find inspiration, get out of a slump/rut, or even just pick myself up when i’m feeling outta it:

  • relax
  • be positive
  • create constantly
  • "find a way to love dance everyday" - Shaun Evaristo
  • try new things; experiment
  • take more classes
  • "steal" things
  • PRAY

went back to it today and it helped! still gotta work on taking more classes tho ha! but just wanted to give y’all a closer look at this part of my creative process.

ilife. this will be my desk some day.

ilife. this will be my desk some day.

i think i’ve talked about this before, but i’ma write about it now just because, ha.

i’m the type of person who can pick up on things pretty quick, but can also lose the hang of them just as fast. that being said, consistency is key for me, especially when i create. i used to take months off from dancing because i only choreographed when shows were coming up; only recently have i started making things for myself. actually, i make things for myself mainly because i want to create things that mean something to me, but also to keep a regular flow of creative juices going. often times a song will come on that i start to feel, so i dance to it. once i’ve kind of set a series of movements to compliment the music and/or express its meaning, i then come up with completely different ways to interpret what i’ve just heard or felt. in other words, i choreograph, start from scratch again, choreograph, start from scratch again, over and over and over. and as much as the process may repeat itself, i may not even use what i’ve just made for a show or anything public. not because i feel as if its not good enough, but because the purpose of the exercise is to keep me constantly thinking, searching for new ways of expression. it’s a time for me to experiment and incorporate different things into my choreography. every day i work on myself leads to new ways of thinking, new ways of moving. so as paradoxical as it may sound,

consistency breeds change

in the past, i’ve always performed for one event after another, sometimes without much of a break in between performances. what i’ve learned through personal experience is that the best things come when you put your all into your work; whether it be with school, art, whatever your endeavors may be.

at the moment, i’m really trying to take my time when it comes to creating, but it’s hard. i’ve got so many ideas for so many different things running around inside my head, but i know that pacing myself and focusing on one thing at a time will benefit me in the long-run. i’ll be able to yield more pieces that i’m happy with over a longer period of time, rather than a bunch of pieces that may be finished in two weeks but i wouldn’t be satisfied with them at all. not saying that i have to take a whole month to finish something, just that:

each piece should be given as much time as it needs to be fully developed to express the message or depict the vision intended by it’s creator.

i’m so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to teach at Mac. just finished teaching my “girls like you” piece today, gotta say these kids are awesome. so much energy and enthusiasm; saw a bunch of ‘em really getting into it! their eagerness to learn really motivates me to do my best in terms of creating and teaching. this class is really helping me get to know how different students work, learn different ways to explain movement, and generally communicate better in a class setting. looking forward to sharing more of my work with them! can’t wait to come back again!

MDT 2011, what’s good!